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Energy Monitoring Customer Portals

Several Companies offer customers access to their energy usage data. Customers can access this data, if
- their utility provider has partnered with energy analytics software vendor
- their utility has developed their own inhouse energy monitoring solution
- customers purchase an energy monitoring device which sends data to a energy analytics provider bypassing their utility provider

Here is a comaprision of three providers:
Product NameEnergy Efficiency PortalMicrosoft HohmGoogle Powermeter
AccesssUtility onlyUtility onlyEither by Utility or by device
Reports Web/Mail/AppWeb onlyWeb Only
CostUtilities payUtilities payFree for Utilities/Customers
, Device cost
Per Appliance BreakdownNot availableNot availableNot available
Social NetworkingNot availableyesyes?
Comparision with Neighboursyesyesyes
Past Usageyesyesyes
Demand ResponseNot availableNot availableNot available
Home Audityesyes
Usage Forecastyes
PHEV InfoTo be added
Device CustomersNANATED,Alertme
Current Utility CustomersComEdXcel Energy, Seattle City Light
and Sacramento Municipal Utility
Yellostorm, San Diego Electric, Reliance energy
Customers Segments ResidentialResidentialResidential
Total Customers

All the reports from these three providers look very similar.